Our Laid Back bases are made out of aluminum with a stainless steel bolt; therefore, there is a lifetime warranty. The Laid Back base works on the principal of tightening up on a bolt as there is pull on the rod holder.  They will work on ANY boat as they can be mounted on ANY angled surface of the boat.  These bases also work on the track system already found on boats.  There are many boats out there with the track system but none offer a rod holder base to fit in the track system.  Our base prevents you having to drill any holes to mount it.  Laid Back Fishing bases can be used with any 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch rod holder on the market today.  When not in use, the Laid Back base will lay down out of the way. These bases are also very popular with pontoon boat owners as they can be laid back out of the way when boat is covered instead of manually removing all rod holders.  All Laid Back bases are made in the USA.

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